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Trisolar's innovative, cost-effective system makes a dual use of land without changing the landscape.  The system is designed to provide higher year-round yields with more renewable energy per hectare and a very low environmental footprint.   

Cucumber plant 2546.heic

What We Do

TriSolar technology is based on 5 years of intensive research at the Triangle Research and Development Center.  The system  delivers agrivoltaic power at a lower cost per kW compared to other PV systems while responding to the crops’ needs.

Proved Performance

Over several growing seasons, we have demonstrated conclusively that significant photovoltaic power can be generated by our system with absolutely no drop in the crops' yield and even better agricultural performance

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What's Next?

After successful trials in two commercial type greenhouses we are now scaling up for full pilot deployment in a commercial setting. Pilots projects are planned in different locations in the world with different crop types

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