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REGACE -European Commission - Horizon 2022



Our group won the European commission 2022 grant for development and validate a disruptive radical innovative technology to generate large amounts of renewable electricity in greenhouses in all seasons of the year to enable the constant production of food without energy limitations. This innovative technology will make agrivoltaics a major contributor to the EU clean energy portfolio.

the Crop Responsive Greenhouse Agrivoltaics System with CO2 Enrichment for Higher Yields (REGACE)

List of participants

# Participant organization name Short name Country

1 Triangle Research and Development Center TRDC Israel

2 Fattoria Solidale del Circeo FSC Italy

3 University of Rome Tor Vergata UR Italy

4 University of Thessaly UTH Greece

5 Humboldt University of Berlin HU Germany

6 Tel Aviv University TAU Israel

7 University of Natural Resources and Life

Sciences, Vienna BOKU Austria

8 Bio-Gärtnerei Watzkendorf GmbH BW Germany

9 Interteam Project Management IT Israel

10 Trisolar - Innowadi Group Ltd. TS Israel

11 Time.lex TL Belgium

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