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EU Awards €5.3 Million To REGACE Project For Agrivoltaics Solutions

The European Union (EU) has awarded €5.3 million to the REGACE Consortium to develop and demonstrate an innovative agrivoltaics technology by using CO2 enrichment to increase electricity yields.

The grant has been made through the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme of EU. The REGACE Consortium is composed of 12 partners from five countries. The project is dedicated to developing innovative agrivoltaics technology that uses CO2 enrichment to sustainably increase electricity production.

The REGACE system will provide affordable clean energy which combines optimum crop conditions with significant energy generation. The system is based on an initial prototype developed by TriSolar – its partner.

REGRACE said that the use of CO2 enrichment will expand agrivoltaics usage to areas with less sunshine and low light conditions. Such areas in greenhouses can be used to generate power and this also becomes relevant considering the accelerated climate change.

In addition to the economic impact, the REGACE technology will also lead to significant positive effects on ecological-environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of conventional solar energy.

Dr. Ibrahim Yehia of the Alzahrawi Society who is also REGACE coordinator, said, “The technology will allow the dual use of land and infrastructure and will lead to reduced construction and maintenance costs, duration of execution, and the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by conventional agrivoltaic installations.”

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